Tube setting bullits

I can’t believe this has not been broached but there wasn’t anything
in the archives. How does one tube set a bullit stone? I just use my
stone setters burr and glue and inevitably I lose the stone after
several wearings. Does one have to grind a groove at the base of the
stone? Much perplexed and somewhat frustrated…

Thank you. Addy

Bezel setting bullets is one of those things where it’s best if you
are able to hammer set the stone. You need to spend some time
hammering on the bezel edge to really it pack it down against the
sides of the stone. I do it usually to the point that the bezel
actually puffs out on the sides a bit and leave that as part of the
design. I never use glue on them.

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Hi Addy,

There are a few threads on setting bullet shaped stones in the
archives, here are two:

They should help, they pretty much say it all I think.

Eva Martin


We set many bullets and the most important thing is to really high
grade your stones first. Pick stones that taper at the base so you
can actually tighten a bezel around them. If you are using a high
bearing bezel, you can put it in your flex shaft (holding the bezel
by the inside) and spin it while holding a high polished burnishing
tool against the edge to move the metal in. I think there is a
posting in the archives that describes how to modify the jaws of
your flex shaft collet, as we have discussed this thread before. If
you cant find it, I would be glad to give you better detail.

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thank you for the tube setting bullits advise. A Big thanks again!!
Only time will tell if I can actualize on the great I
received in not losing my stone.