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Tube cutter

There are 2 types of tube cutters made. I bought one about 12
years ago through a friend in the Spokane Jewellers Guild.It’s a
great gizzy, you can cut tubing or wire into the same same lengths
and perfectly straight cuts every time. No filing needed. Basicly
it’s a V block with a slot the saw blade goes in & set screw
setting for the lenght of the piece you want to cut. I will contact
my friend in Spokane & find ou where they are made & post it when I
find out. The other tool cutter I have seen is of a similar design.
The group of us up here bought them for cutting tubing for making
enamel beads. Possibly one of the enamel suppliers are selling
them. Win

I was also going to recommend the v-slot tube cutter. I ordered
one not long ago from Rio Grande - it’s wonderful! Think it ran
about $46.00 and worth every penny of it. Gini - Belleair
Bluffs, Fl.