TSP - trisodium phosphate

I have been looking everywhere for trisodium phosphate, to make
up some Pripp’s Flux. The “TSP” I have found in local stores does
not actually contain any phosphates and is not what I am looking
for. So far I have only been able to find a 55 pound bag of it at
a building supply store. I didn’t even ask for a price because I
cannot buy such a large amount. Does anyone know where I can find
this compound, in a more manageable size?

Gail Middleton
Brooklyn, NY

I got some at Ace Hardware.

I found trisodium phosphate in my local hardware store in the
paint department; it’s used to clean concrete surfaces.
Janet Kofoed

Dear Gail, I just bought a one pound bag at a paint store. The
real stuff and pretty cheap. Best Regardsd,
Todd Hawkinson

Gail: most states don’t allow TSP in common cleaning products
these days, but a sure fire place to find TSP in small amounts is
at any home beer brewing supply place. Its sold to clean out old
bottles before reuse for beer or wine making. Look under
homebrewing or beer making supplies in the yellow pages…Dave

gail - contact a local pool service - they used around the
decking at one time - if they still use it they probably would
part with enough for your needs - good luck -

Gail, Painters use TSP to wash walls before painting. Maybe you
would have some luck at a paint supply house. In Florida TSP Is
available at Home Depot. Good Luck, Rick Barnes Gainesville, FL

Paint stores usually have TSP packaged in 1lb. boxes. Also
janitorial supply houses will sell TSP by the pound from their
bulk supplies. Walmart sometimes has it. Hope this helps.
RW Weaver

If you have an Ace Hardware in your town they may be able to
special order you a smaller amount. The one I work with got a
sample for me, and then ordered in 25lb. bags. I was not using
this with my jewelry. Good Luck. Joyce in Colorado/AZ

Gail, Try any brewing ( as in beer) supply store. My local place
still carries the pure stuff as a cleaner for the bottles and
carboys. You can usually get in in 1/2 Lb packages. Nikki

Gail, Have you checked out the paint department at Home Depot? I
know that they carry it in 16 oz. boxes out here in the NJ
stores. If HD doesn’t have it, there’s a number on my box you can
call, perhaps they’ll tell you where the closest distributer is.
The manufacturer is: The Savogran Company. Phone: 800-225-9872.

Gail Middleton
Brooklyn, NY

Someone was having trouble finding TSP.

Go to http://www.mcmaster.com/ and search for Trisodium
Phosphate. You’ll be shown their Idustrial Chemicals and Cleaners
page where you can see… Trisodium Phosphate (Phosphate
Cleaner)… 4 1/2 lbs. $8.25 Order number is 3190K287.

Those of you who have not seen a McMasters-Carr catalog should
take a look. You can usually find a hardcopy in most industrial
maintanance shops. Tools, parts, materials, … on and on and

Chunk Kiesling

Possible source of small quantities of TSP is silk-screen
printing. I think screens are cleaned of ink and stencil
materials with this product.

Dan Woodard
Indian Jewelers

Gail, It is illegal to sell TSP in the state of New York. Try
Connecticut or New Jersey. I had to buy mine in Canada at the
Home Depot. Good Luck, Eileen

greetings fellow orchidians, i’ve heard about a successful
substitute for tsp (trisodium phosphate) but without the
phosphate. phosphates are bad for the environment/water, etc.
does anyone have experience with this other product? mj