TSP - Tri Sodium Phosphate

And while on the subject of asking, what does TSP stand for in the
Prips (Pripps?) flux formula? 

Tri Sodium Phosphate. It was a common heavy duty cleaning agent for
a long time, especially for cleaning painted surfaces in preparation
for new paint, it’s pretty aggressive stuff. It’s considered an
environmental contaminate now, so you have to carefully read the
packages if you are trying to make your own Prips, because the
substitute works fine as a cleaning agent, but is the wrong chemical
for the flux formula.

Ron Charlotte – Gainesville, FL
@Ron_Charlotte1 OR afn03234@afn.org


The short answer to your question is that TSP is insoluble in
alcohol (according to the Merk Index). Adding TSP to your denatured
alcohol will not make a very effective flux as the only way the TSP
will cover your silver is in its granular form.