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Tsk, tsk - 'super jewelry glossary - NOT'

my dear kat & people - <<while it’s nearly correct, I think it’s not
accurate. (Defining nacre as a whitish substance …>> i am glad that
some of you were not my lab partner in chemistry or you could have
blown us sky high by not reading the correct formulae. READ people!
read! before you point out others’ failings, do not fail to read
everything you’re critiquing! here’s a cut & paste of the actual
glossary definition: “Nacre is a whitish crystalline
substance …” [emphasis mine]

one reason for a hiatus i took from posting on orchid was [singular
subject] the few posters who feel it their ‘duty’ to share only the
negative aspects of some posts in cases where it is ‘not unsafe’ to
let it ride - fortunately, more of you take every opportunity to
thank those contributors who see the positive side & make valuable
additions to our inventory of knowledge treasury. to the rest of you
who seem to see orchid as a site to expound on your self-perceived
superiority: get a life, a hobby, or grind some real stones.
‘h.a.n.d.’ -