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Tsavorite Garnet

For the gem geeks among us…

I got a chance to take a peak at this big fellow in person the other day. Over 6ct, well cut, very clean, no extinction. And round!!!

Tsavorite like this is hard to find!

Forgive the crappy photo of my screen - it’s the only one on my phone

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What is its value and origin? I have a small oval cab I got in Kenya, not cheap.

Value… don’t know. Maybe $5-$6,000USD per carat. Maybe more. With gems like this, the market is so illiquid that it becomes about finding the right buyer and waiting until you get your price. Perhaps @gemwise has an opinion more educated than my own.

The old saying in the gem business – the gem is rare, but the buyer might be even RARER!

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Seth, et al,

Not a bad guess per carat. Six carat is a rare size though not so rare as it used to be. It’s hard to tell from a cell phone image, but I’d say the gem teeters on the edge of tsavorite/green grossular. The key color is a bit light tonally, but maybe that distinction has become dated. Pink sapphires are always pink sapphires regardless of tone, until, of course, the are red. Only two gems; tsavorite and emerald can become green grossular garnet or green beryl at lighter tones.

Lovely color!

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Hi! that is one gorgeous stone!