Trying to locate advice on ultrasonics

HI all: I have searched the archives and have had trouble getting to
the following precise subjects so please bear with me and give me
your advice on the following.

  1. I am trying to track down Lone Star, the folks who repair jewelry
    equipment whom participants on this list had recommended previously
    for some advice on ultrasonics. I may potentially purchase a used one
    from them.

  2. I am looking to buy my first (and hopefully reasonably priced)
    ultrasonic for my home studio. Micromark has advertised a mini
    Branson ultrasonic on sale until Sept. 14th. Do any of you know
    whether this is a good/reputable manufacturer? I only need a small
    one - have space for just that - so please let me know what
    manufacturers you recommend.

thank you all for your help. If you have significant negative
experience with a manufacturer and want to steer me away from their
products, & don’t want to do that on line, feel free to share that
info at

  1. I did find John Cranor’s email in Colorado, whom some others of
    you had recommended and sent a query to him as well. Shael Barger

I have the small ultrasonic from micromark, it doesn’t have a heater
so I have moved it to my kitchen and each time I use it I dump the
solution into a bowl, microwave it, dump it back and run it. It
works fine then, but it took me a while to figure out that to remove
polishing compound you really need a heated unit. (or some magic
compound I haven’t discovered yet) On the positive side, the price
was right. Betty

Dakota: Lone Star Tech. Svcs. is located in San Antonio, 18415
Fifth Street, San Antonio, TX 78266: Phone 1-800-223-4936, e-mail at: We’ll be happy to try to fill your needs in the
ultrasonics. PS web site is at:

I have been scolded for not putting that on the net for
all of “Orchid- ites”. So once again

Lone Star Technical Services
18415 Fifth Street
San Antonio, TX 78266
PHONE:  1-800-223-4936
FAX:        1-210-651-6606
web site:

Mike and Dale
The ultrasonic repair guys

Here’s a possible solution for you. Ever see those heaters shaped
like test tubes that are used to heat aquariums? Turn those all the
way up and they’ll get quite warm. I used to use them to keep
plating solutions at the correct temperature. Another idea might be
those aluminum coils you can sometimes find that were used to make
one cup of hot water for tea or instant coffee.

David L. Huffman

HI! I too had that problem for years, now I just use a plastic
freezer container with alcohol placed into the ultrasonic which has
water in it of the same depth and drop the work into the alcohol and
polishing compounds disappear. Or just rub the piece with alcohol
sprayed onto a paper towel. Be careful as it is flamable, sure does
dissolve the compounds. I now use paper towel and alcohol at the
polishing wheel to remove compounds between different grits on those
pieces which are flat in nature. I used to use Mr. Clean and 409 and
water and that worked somewhat, but not as good. Pat

Pat: If you use a volatile liquid like alcohol in an ultrasonic, and
if you do not place a loose cover over the alcohol container you may
be letting yourself in for a problem. You see, ultrasonics potentate
the evaporation which lowers the flash point of the volatile liquid
promoting a possible fire hazard. And problems like that no one
needs. 70 percent isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol), get it an most
any Walgreens or your local druggist, is a pretty good material for
removing polishing compounds. Like you said it is flammable so be
careful around open flames. A good idea is to use a beaker and use
just enough alcohol to cover the work that needs to be cleaned by
about 1/4 inch. This should be enough solution to clean the
polishing compound and hold it in suspension/solution… Don’t forget
the loose cover ( beer coasters make fine loose covers) GRIN!

PS: Your local liquor store is a great place to find “beakers” for
your cleaning jobs. Here in the states they are known as beer cups. A
stack of 25 should cost under $5.00 ( last time I looked)

Mike & Dale
Lone Star Technical Service
The Ultrasonic Repair guys.

I’ve read suggestions for placing a container inside the ultrasonic
cleaner with different liquids in the container and water in the
ultrasonic. Now do the ultrasonic waves pass right through the walls
of the container unaltered and remain just as strong? Maybe it’s my
imagination but I think that if I dangle a piece in the ultrasonic a
few seconds that the piece gets clean faster than if I hang many
pieces on a rack. I was guessing that the multiple pieces and the rack
sort of altered the waves and weakened them. What do you experts say? NET

At our shop, we use small jars. actually they are bullion cube jars,
we keep simple green in one and acetone in the other . Wwe use the
simple green for fast cleaning of organic matter, I. E. Human goo :slight_smile:
the Sonics pass right through and does not affect the cleaning of the
rest of the tank


Annette: You’re right! If you place a Plastic beaker/basket into
the ultrasonic it will to what ever degree the plastic makes up part
of the total load effect the performance of the ultrasonic cleaning.
You are also correct in that the larger load you place in the
ultrasonic tank the longer it will take for the ultrasonic to
completely clean the entire batch. Much like your laundry washing
machine, smaller loads with a high water level will clean in a shorter
time than a large load with the same water level. Make sense?

Mike & Dale, The ultrasonic repair guys at

Hi Annette, I am not an expert on ultrasonics, but I have suspended
beakers containing everything from pickle, baking soda and
water(neutralizer), ammonia/soap solutions, to Simple Green with very
good results. If your unit/heater is in good working order, you
should not experience any loss in cavitation- the process of
ultrasonic cleaning. In fact, beakers, and the positioning covers
that hold them suspended in the tank, are sold by just about anyone
selling ultrasonics. Hope this helps, Ellen Sheldon


Hello Betty,

I use an old aquarium header.Be sure that you have one without a
temperature controller.They are very low in price and last for a live

Regards Pedro