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Trying to learn [Yak]

Hi Steve,

I know the feeling exactly… I’m 31 and in the process of
changing careers (into the jewellery field). I am lucky to have
a natural talent for work requiring a high degree of manual
dexterity, so I am more interested in understanding the
technical processes and common procedures used in stone-setting
and casting (for example) at this stage. I am hoping that my own
individual “style” and “arty” side will develop as I become more
confident and experienced with time.

Perhaps we are part of the first batch of students to do an
’apprenticeship’ via the internet… That’s just part of the
incredible power of this Forum, and other educational jewellery
sites around the web.

By the way, I am currently doing the second year of an
Australian Diploma of Gemmology. All up, it costs approx.
$AUS1300 tuition fees for the 2-year evening course (1 evening a
week first year, two evenings a week 2nd year), including all

Does anyone reading this know how the U.S. Gemology course
stacks up against the Australian one, with regards to content??
I would be interested in any comparisons

The course so far seems quite thorough to me, and I have to do
considerable work to keep up with it- (and that’s my view as a
qualified geologist).

Keep at it Steve -I’m trying to!

Laurence Veska.