Trying to identify maker of engraving vise

I just bought an engraving vise at a “flea market.” It is marked as
"the Victor" with the combined initials “HR” stamped beneath. The
ball is about 5" in diameter and in pretty good condition. It is
marked made in USA, too.

I have not found any on the maker using search engines.
I’d appreciate any on who the maker was and when they
were in operation. This tool had belonged to a watch repairman.

Thanks, L.J.

Hey LJ good find. Those ball type vises are generally referred to as
blocks used for engraving, watchmaking, stonesetting, etc… If you
got a victor 5" with the attachments it’s worth about 500$-600$ new.
Look up victor engraving block you should find plenty of

Have a good one,
Jim Doherty