Trying to identify inscription on ring

Hello everyone, I hope it’s ok to post this here. I recently inherited a ring and am trying to identify the writing on it. Does anyone know what language it might be? Thanks for any help.

When you put it on do you become invisible? Might need to find some hobbits!


Unfortunately, no invisibility. But I don’t wear it very long, just in case :wink:


The first step would be to identify the language.
Start by investigating the history of the one you inherited it from?
What is up and down is hard to say too.
To me it seem similar to Arabic, but there are several “alphabets” that are similar in design.
Hindi, Georgian and more.
I hope I don’t insult anyone, my eyes are not used to these languages.

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I assume you looked on the inside of the ring for a makers mark and found none. If you did this inspection without a loop, then I would take another try this way. In this case I would try a 20X [ if one is around somewhere] if not then the more standard 10x. Just in case, the “drift” here is that it apparently is an older ring and the mark has been part worn away, one needs magnification to see at least enough of it to ID it. The ring does not have an indication that it is like .925 silver-no tarnish that I see. Maybe a WG. and maybe 14K [ the letters look like they are in pretty good shape] and so I guess as an older ring, so to, at 18K , softer,there would be more wear of the letters.


I’m pretty sure this is the correct answer :rofl:.

It’s upside down in the image but I think you can even locate what part of the script is from.


@ByCher I think your relative may have been a lord of the rings fan…


Nice sleuthing!!

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That is it! Thank you!

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Wow thats impressive!

now what does it mean if anything? or is it just decorative?

“One Ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them”

Tolkien at his finest :grin:


Can we possible see, the keeper of all of the keys?
one key to rule them, he keeps in the great hall
Underneath dark tower they call…HP Lovecraft, the Band, 1968

Tolkien’s works were written starting in 1917, with Hobbit being published in 1937 as a children’s book. The final publication of his works as the Triology wasn’t published until 1955 in entirety.
Both the works of Tolkien and HP Lovecraft, the horror and fantasy writer, were rediscovered in the 1960’s thru 1970’s.

The calligraphy was Tolkien’s, inspired by runes and other sources. I forgot about it… remember it now!

That ring is good one!!!

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