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Trying to ID Danish designer / mfgr


Can anyone provide me with on a Danish jewelry
designer or manufacturer having a mark consisting of a name in
script which could be “Neugie” or “Neuga” or a variation of
same? What I have is a handmade gilded sterling necklace that I
am trying to identify. Any info regarding vintage, notoriety of
maker, etc. would be appreciated. TIA Sincerely, Lew Sperber


According to “Registrering af Navnestempler gennem 100 aar for
arbejde af aedle metaller 1893 - 1993” - the Danish official
hallmark register, and also according to my personal, but
definitely not complete, notes from 1993 till today I have not
been able to find any hallmark with just the slightest
resemblance to your “Neugie” or “Neuga”. The nearest would be
"N=F8rby" (second letter a special Danish one like an “O” with a
slash over it), a Danish goldsmith in Hurup, Jylland, named I.
N=F8rby, registered from 1916 to 1948 and J. N=F8rby, also Hurup,
from 1947 to 1968, probably the same man/company. Another
Possibility is: “N=F8rgaard” (again that O with a slash), in Hobro
from 1908 to 1937.

Kind regards from this time rainy springtime Denmark

Niels L=F8vschal, Jyllinge, Denmark
phone (+45) 46 78 89 94

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