Trunk show in a busy hotel

Orchid members,

Last year I visited a friend staying at Boston Hyatt Harborside
Hotel. On the mezzanine I discovered two large conference rooms with
double doors wide open and display tables covered with leather
handmade gifts. The hotel printed a large sign on a hotel easel and
posted it outside the conference room door.

I walked in and looked around. The man in charge explained he rents
the room and sells Christmas and holiday gifts to business travelers
who find it more convenient to buy gifts in the hotel where they are
staying than to try to find a shopping area. He said sales had been
good that day. It was early December.

Has anyone from Orchid done this? I’m thinking about trying it.
Looking forward to responses, suggestions and comment.


I know of one jeweler who did this in NC at a major resort hotel and
made his living only working Fri-Sundays

David Geller