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Tripoli or Zam?

Tripoli is quite messy with the rudimentary extraction we have here,
so for the small amount of time we’re pre-polishing, I’m wondering if
there’s a cleaner substitute. For silver mainly.

What do people use; tripoli or something else like Zam?

Brian Adam

Hi Brian Tripoli is a cutting abrasive that is good for taking out
fairly deep scratches and sanding marks.

Zam on the other hand is a course polish. It will take out fine
sanding marks and superficial scratches, and will leave a nice polish
in silver and copper. You may need to still go farther for a high
shine. Zam also works better if you use the Chemcote buffs (yellow
colour) that are coated specially to work with Zam. Also Zam can
often be used to repolish the surface of Turquoise and Malachite.

I was taught, and found to be true for me, that Tripoli is for
course scratches and sanding marks; Zam is in between as it both cuts
and polishes; and Rouge just polishes, but leaves a higher polish
that Zam.

Karen Bahr “the Rocklady” (@Rocklady) K.I.S. Creations
May your gems always sparkle.

Hi Bri,

I don’t use tripoli, zam or rouge, when and if I use a polishing

I use Matchless (White) Stock #HF-1 ordered from:

Koval Knives
PO Box 492
5819 Zarley ST
Suite A
New Albany, Ohio, 43054 USA
Phone: 800.556.4837 or 614.855.0777

I know this compound was designed for steel, but it is much less
greasy than all the compounds that are designed for precious metals.
It cuts quickly and leaves a bright finish. Those of you who know my
work, know that it is never polished to a bright finish, but
sometimes (rarely) I do use this compound because it is a bit
cleaner to use and easier to clean up.

Linda Kaye-Moses

Brian, I use tripoli for first cut and ZAM for second on SS pieces
with soft stones such as turquoise, chrysocolla, etc. Otherwise, I
use Fabuluster.

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple
elegance IS fine jewelry! @coralnut2