Trip to Shanghi


I am sad to say I will not be with the kindred souls in Tucson as I
had planned.Instead I am traveling to Shanghai,China.I was wondering
if any fellow Orchidians have been there and Iam interested in finding
good sources for pearls and jade(rough or cut).Also if anyone knows
the proper protocol when it comes to photographing in a templeI am
going to be visiting a very large jade carving of a Buddha and would
like to photograph it but Iam concerned about offending anyone.I would
also be interested in traveling off the beaten path in search of
jewelry production bronze foundries or jade carving or cutting.Are
there any Orchidians living in Shanghai? Thanks and happy Tucsoning J
Morley Coyote Ridge Studio Where my trusty Blue Heeler Blake has just
had a serious run in with a skunk.The skunk won.Tomato bath

J. Morley,

For the most part there are seldom restrictions towards taking
photographs in Buddhist temples. One notable exception where pictures
are prohibited is the Pavilion of the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok
Thailand, on the grounds of the Royal Palace. In other locations you
can always ask the monks before photographing if you are unsure. In
Buddhist temples it is proper to wear appropriate attire, such as long
pants, and to remove your shoes.

Happy traveling!

Michael David Sturlin, jewelry artist @Michael_David_Sturli

Michael Sturlin Studio, Scottsdale Arizona USA