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Trimline Tents and EZ Up Stabilizers

I did an outdoor show last weekend and was set up between two
artists that had Trimline tents. I have to say I am impressed with
the rugged quality of Trimline tent. The photographer next to me said
that he chose Trimline because it is waterproof as he leaves his
photographs in his tent overnight.

I checked out the Flourish website and found that Trimline also has a
stabilizer kit for EZ Up type canopies:

Being that I am a DIY kind of guy I’m going to construct stabilizers
out of galvanized chain link pipe so I can feel a bit more secure
about my EZ Up until I can afford to buy a Trimline. We had some wind
at the show and I noticed that when the wind made my sidewalls
flutter and snap it scared potential customers out of my tent. We
lost a couple of the cheap Sam’s Club type EZ Ups at the show on
Sunday. One had 5 lb dumbbells on each corner for weight. Who would
have thought that would be one of the tents that took off in the
wind. :wink:

My neighbors were kind enough to let me strap my tent to there’s and
I was weighted for the wind. But I think the extra cost and extra
effort setting up and tearing down will be worth it for the security
of a Trimline like tent.

Rick Copeland
Silversmith and Lapidary Artisan
Rocky Mountain Wonders
Colorado Springs, Colorado

I would highly, highly recommend the E-Z up stabilizers from I had a show last month where a freak storm (completely
unpredicted by any of the weather news outlets) hit the festival
site. I went down there immediately when I woke up at 4AM to see how
bad things were. Because nothing had been expected, I was lazy and
didn’t put storm weights on my tent (an extra 35lbs or so a leg) and
only had my regular weights (about 25-30 lbs per leg). So I was
really very concerned about what I’d find.

When I arrived, the first thing I saw was the Trimline across from
my tent wearing a Craft Hut on top of it like a jaunty hat. It seemed
as if about a third of the tents had suffered some damage, from just
one bent leg to being completely pretzeled. Apparently, there had
been some kind of microburst just over the park with very strong
winds. Lucky us!

I was SO shocked/surprised/pleased though to see that my tent hadn’t
moved an inch. Why? I think it was because this was my first show
with the new stabilizer bars from Flourish. I’ve noticed over the
years that if one leg gets pushed in at all, it de-stabilizes the
whole tent making it much easier for the winds to have their way with
it. The extra support around the bottom kept all of the legs locked
securely into place. I think it was the best investment I’ve made
this year!!

Tahmi DeSchepper