Trim saw lubricants

In regards to trim saw lubricants/coolants, this maybe a stupid
question, but instead of motor oil/kerosene why not use vegetable
oil? The flash points are higher for vegetable, about 425-470degrees
F for sunflower or soybean versus 400-425 for motor oil or 90degrees
for kerosene.There is no smell or chemicals to worry about, its
reasonably inexpensive, and you don’t have to worry about rust, as
with water additives. It sounds good to me, is there a downside?
Thanks a lot Adam

Hi Adam, Hi all,

Never never never use vegetable oil in your diamond saw. It works
like varnish. I made that mistake one time and one time only several
years ago when I ran out of oil & wanted to do some quick sawing
anyway. So mixed up a witches brew straight out of the kitchen: 50%
soya oil, 50% olive oil. Very healthy and low cholesterol.

After throwing up a pea soup fog inside the saw case it then
proceeded to dry in there - polmerizing and hardening into the most
astonishingly tenacious but sticky interior glaze which coated
everything and took hours of scraping to remove. No solvent that I
had would touch it. Not kerosene, not alcohol, not acetone. Bad
stuff. Save it for the frying pan.

Hans Durstling
for now in Sunland CA