Trillion prong setting design

Here are some photos of a trillion setting I designed and had set. I was concerned about putting prongs on the corners so I added additional prongs on the side. They are pretty thick ~ 1.4mm. It is very secure now, but my setter said “next time do three”. What do you think about the prongs?

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Interesting Mounting… Your Stone Setter was correct, next time Design it with (3) Prongs - the primary reason is, so that the Stone looks like a Trillion Cut instead of a oddly cut Round Stone, which is how the Stone looks now… Also, only use “V” Prongs on the Points of Stones (Trillions, Triangles, Princess, Marquise, Pear, Lozenge, Heart, Baguette, etc.) and not on the sides, unless of course the “V” Shape is somehow part of your Design… Overall a nice looking Pendant, but I would personally remove the (3) side Prongs, as it would look much better without them!

As long as the Trillion has a nice Gallery Rail (the Support that the Stone sits on or is just below the Stone’s Girdle) or nice Seat that it’s sitting in, then the (3) “V” Prongs should be more than enough to hold the Stone in a protect it, most especially in a Pendant.


Hi Steve,

I concur with JPBons.

in addition, the irregular organic mass around the trillion looses definition with the extra prongs…both of which
then begin to overpower the trillion shape of the stone