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Triclorothane [Was: Wax polishing with nylon stocking]

    I have used triclorothane on injection waxes. You can buy
it at the builder supply. 

G’day; Yes- it’s me at it again, but I can’t help it. One
should be very careful of trichloroethane, which used to be
called trichloroethylene and also ethylene trichloride. This is
one of the infamous ‘halogenated hydrocarbons’ also called
’chlorinated hydrocarbons’. Carbon tetrachloride is another
common one. They are virtually banned from general use in this
country despite the fact that they are an extremely good solvent
for all oils, fats and waxes. They are toxic in that they
cause irreparable brain damage, also liver and kidney damage,
plus prolonged skin contact may result in chlor-acne; skin
eruptions similar to the spots one gets in late teens (- zits
don’t you Americans call them?) Rubber or PVC latex gloves only
last a minute or less in contact with them as they swiftly remove
all the plasticisers and perish rubber. They also help destroy
the life-preserving ozone layer when they inevitably arrive in
the upper atmosphere. In the plastics factory where I worked in
the lab before WW2 we damn nearly bathed in the stuff on
occasion! (we knew no better) Which may account for the fact
that I am regrettably ga-ga at times. Other than that, I’m
allright Jack; as we used to say in the Navy. (Ha! That’s wot
’e ses) Cheers. But I will probably be back.

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