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Tricky Moonstone

Peter, If you have a good relationship with your suppliers I am
sure that they will go out of their way to please you. They want
you back as a customer right? They can always resell what you are
returning. Everyone has a bad choice moment. I bought some rubies
once and they looked great until I left the building and saw them
in real light. My suppliers took them back no questions or fuss.
They want happy customers. This is why I am loyal to the same
suppliers. Of course, if you do this on a regular basis they may
not want you as a customer.

Susan Sarantos @auag

Hi friend, your moonstone is treated with oiling. If you think
they will be back in Tuscon, then bring back and see them. Make
it loud and they will listen otherwise no effect.


Tay Thye Sun

If you bought this stuff at the AGTA show (or from a member of
AGTA at another show) you will have some recourse. They are
obligated to disclose treatment of gemstones at the time of
purchase. In any event I would send a couple of pieces to GIA
for an opinion as I have never heard of moonstone being filled
before. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t been done but I stay on top
of this type of info most of the time and I can’t ever recall
having heard of moonstone fills.