Triangle Mandrel

I need a mandrel to create triangle bezels. I make lots of
medallions for AA, Alcoholics Anonymous, which is a Triangle within a
Circle. I purchased a triangle mandrel from Rio Grande, but the
largest size is 9.9mm per side. I would like to go as high as an inch
or an inch_and_a_half per side. If anyone knows of a supplier, I
would really appreciate it.

Love and God Bless

Check with Frei and Borel. They have a large selection of all kinds
of shapes and sizes of forming tools.

–Vicki Embrey

Dear Randy, Try Gesswein Co.Thay have all sorts of mandrels. Call
them @1-800-544-2043 ext. for catalog.I hope thay can help, Tony

If you do not find a triangular mandrel the correct size buy a round
mandrel then go to a machine shop and have them make it triangular
for you. Be sure to ask how fine of a finish they can put on it for you.

Attn. Randy;

This is one of many suppliers that offer this mandrel.
Take care— Dave.