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Treating Tourmaline

I am having a lot of pink tourmaline which have been already given
shape of 5.5 x 7.5 Ovals. the problem is that its almost in dark
color…I have shown this to some of the so called experts and they
said that if you heat it it will turn in to pink. Is it really
possible. I have planned that to first make it 5x7 and then
heat…could you please me advise me regarding this. Is it really
possible to heat tourmaline to make it pink anf if es then how to do
that and at what temperature. I want to be confident before doing
anything. Hope you will read this mail and answer my queries

Thank You
Bhavishya Sharma Sharma
946, Khuteton Ka Rasta, K.P.Bazar
jaipur Rajasthan 302001 INDIA