Treating polishing cloths

I purchased 100 sterling silver polishing cloths that were never
treated with any solution so they do not take tarnish off. Any ideas
on how I can get them treated? Can I send them somewhere? Please
let me know. Thanks Melissa Jordan

Aloha Melissa, While I don’t sell polishing cloths for silver I have
been using Tooth Paste for years. If it’s safe enough for our
mouths, it’s safe enough for silver. I have a lost wax Indian
Sterling Silver bracelet I purchased over thirty years ago. I wore it
every day and the back of the bracelet turned black due to the acids
my body produced. I tried every cleaner imaginable to get it off.
Then an older friend of mine told me she used tooth paste to clean
most of her jewelry. It works. Just using my hands and a paper towel
under running water, the tooth paster made my bracelet look brand
new. So I tried it on the Middle Eastern silver I have that was
stored in a closet but became tarnished. I filled the bathroom sink
up with water, squeezed tooth paste into the water and mixed. I let
the beads sit in there for about 5 to 10 minutes, using my hands to
rub them as the bathed. The beads came out looking like I just
purchased them. Since toxic chemicals, fumes, liquids, and items that
are used in the industry can play havoc on one’s immune system if
not working under properly ventilated conditions, I have found that
tooth paste works well on silver. What type of tooth paste you ask?
I use Aqua Fresh. Select the tooth paste of your choice and try it
out. You and even place some on a dampened rag and run it over a
chain, then rinse the chain off and dry it. It works. Good luck.
Aloha Oe, BJ in Hawaii

BJ, I’ve been using Crest, Colgate, yes and even Rembrandt for years
to polish all my silver jewelry for years. So convenient! I use
hot water and just my tender little fingers to message the pieces.
They love it! Diamonds love the flouride treatment, too:)

A depression era trick for polishing silver was to moisten a
toothbrush or cloth, dip it in baking soda, and polish the silver with
it. Don’t know whether the action is abrasive, chemical or both, but
it does work.

Lee Einer

I thought I was the only one using toothpaste to do on the spot
cleaning of my own earrings, etc. My personal favorite (for its
lingering scent) is Tom’s fennel. Heavenly!

– Elna in Berkeley where it’s not only chilly but it snowed a
little tiny bit recently in the hills.