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Travelling workshops in early 2004


This coming February I’ll be going out to Tucson again, and this
time I’ll be travelling a bit further, by request of some folks out
in the northwest.

I’ve published a tentative schedule on my website for workshops that
have already been proposed and (in some cases) arranged and some
students signed up, but there are still gaps in my plans. In some
cases I have students interested but no venue for conducting the
class, and I really need to clear up the details soon so that folks
can make solid plans.

I tried to get hold of the Parks and Recreation folks in Tucson
early, this time, so that I could work something out with them, (but
never got through or got any callbacks until just recently, when I
was told it was too late) so unless someone in Tucson wants to host
it the way Sam Patania did last time (I won’t ask you to do it again,
Sam, but you could easily override my scruples if you wanted to…
:wink: it seems unlikely that I will be running a class there.

So, if anyone is interested, take a look at my schedule:

and if you want to take a class, or better yet host one (and get the
class for free!) in any of the proposed locations or in places close
to my route, please let me know.



Hi Loren, Would you be interested in doing the workshop in
Scottsdale ( just 2 hrs. north of Tucson) ? If you think that this
would fit into your schedule give me a call. You can reach me on my
cell since we are not quite open as of yet. Looking forward to
speaking with you. Regards, Carol

Carol Berger Taylor
Metals Edge Studio
2200 N Scottsdale  Rd. suite V/W
Scottsdale, AZ 85257