Traveling with pliers

Can any one tell me what’s the best way to travel by plane with
jewelry pliers. I am traveling to South America and want to be sure
that my pliers are not confiscated when I pass thru security.

Safest would be in your checked bags or to ship them ahead to your
location “In care of”…

Take a cheap pair, pack em with your clean socks.

Send them into the cargo of the plane. I do this all the time!!!
Not with you or you’ll have them thrown away!!!..Gerry!

Last time I was flying with pliers what I did was went to the airport
a little early and waited for the few people in security (it’s a
fairly small airport) to pass through. I then asked the actual
on-duty security people if they would have a problem with them going
through. Then I went and checked in for my flight, checked my bags,
and went through security (again). It worked for me in a small
airport, but if you’ve a larger busier airport you might just want
to put them in your checked baggage. That said, unless you’re working
on stuff with them during the flight there’s no reason not to check


Put them in your checked baggage no problems. They are only
concerned if you can get your hands on them if in flight or if it
might blow up. Not a problem…

Vernon Wilson

I am traveling to South America and want to be sure that my pliers
are not confiscated when I pass thru security. 

I’ve had a small needlenose plier along with things in my toilet
kit, and it never caused problems. Longer sharper things like files,
that would make better weapons, or hammers, etc, might be
confiscated. But there’s a simple answer. You can put all the tools
you want, short of things with fuel gasses in them, in your checked
luggage. The problems are only with carryon luggage. A checked bag
would be fine.

I left one single graver blade in my suitcase by mistake. I had to
to put the same suitcase into the cargo of the plane. wasted time and
an additional air fee…;>(…Gerry!

just a word… I had nail clippers confiscated in Mexico and was
given a stern look as if I were a much greater danger than the women
who was allowed through with 14 inch knitting needles. Obviously the
person had not read much Agatha Christie.

Barbara on a splendid day on the west coast

I just made at round trip from USA to Germany with a checked
suitcase full of tools, including a microscope with no problem. TAS
did check the suitcase going, I had 8 can of Lindsey Black Olives in
the suitcase for my granddaughter. No problem and nothing missing,
just a note saying the bag was inspected. My wife had her fingernail
clippers confiscated from her carryon on the same trip. I have
traveled may times with all kind of tools in mychecked suitcase and
never had anything lost of stolen. When it comes to gem and jewelry,
I carry that with me and keep my eye on it.

In dry, dry California