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Travel Yak

I’ve hesitated to mention this because I’m afraid that the I’ll be
overwhelmed with suggestions. My husband and I will leave Monday
for ten days on a tour of England. This is one of those group tour
thingie and it’s not art oriented. I will have little free time.
What would be the best use of it. We will be in London, Bath and
some others including one in Scotland. I am an unenthusiastic
traveler. I’m a night person that doesn’t fit in well with early
mornings and I usually come home with a sinus infection from long
trips. Yeah yeah, I know, you’re thinking…"poor little thing."
Ha, of course you are.

Marilyn Smith
Indiana, USA, east of the Mississippi and west of the Appalachians


I took a group tour to Switzerland but when we got there my travel
partner and I chose not to go on any of the group tours. We
ventured out on our own, saw what we wanted to see, when we wanted
to see it. We were able to spend as much time as we wished in each
place rather than being herded on and off a tour bus all day long.
You should be able to tell the guide that you don’t wish to
participate in all of the tours. I think you will have a much
better time on your own. - Deb