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Transportation and the Orchid dinner


While in Tucson I have a number of friends with rental cars who I’m
accompanying to the various shows around town. The problem is that
they won’t be there to give me a ride to the dinner. The last time
I was there I took a shuttle to the closest stop near the restaurant
and then called a cab from there. I took a cab to back to the hotel
after the dinner. Is there anyone leaving directly from the AGTA or
other nearby show who’d like some company to the dinner? Is there
anyone staying at the Courtyard Tucson Williams Centre (Marriott)
who’d like to share a cab or make other transportation arrangements
after the dinner? If so please contact me offline. I’m more than
willing to get a taxi to and from the show if need be, but I’d also
really like to share a little more time with some fellow orchidians
if I can.

Larry Seiger
Cary NC


I will be there with my own car. I will be more than happy to get
you back to your hotel after you have done all the shmoozing you
care to do after the dinner.


Hi Larry, You can hook up with us if you like…