Transparency film for ferric chloride etching

I have been using PnP for the resist when doing FC etching. I got
some 3M Dual Purpose transparency film #CG5000 but have been told
that it will not work, and that I need either PP2200, or PP2500. I
checked out various tutorials, and all they mention is transparency
film, but do not give any item number.

I will be giving an etching workshop and several of the people who
will be attending have requested using transparency film as well as
PnP. Certainly want to have the correct film.

Is it true that the 3M CG5000 will not work as a resist? Thanks for
your help.


Hi Alma,

I use the 3M PP2500 overhead transparency.

I don’t’ know what “dual” purpose is for, but this brand, available
at Staples works well. It has a paper strip on the side, which is for
the photocopier to read it. My results have been consistent for years
with this film.

Hope that helps!
Karen Christians

H–not sure about the transparency film you’re asking about but can
tell you that I’ve been successful using 3M’s CG3300. But I remember
being told to to be sure the product is specifically listed as
’transparency film for laser printers’.