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Training suggestions


Hello Michele Lewis-Moore, I would definitely encourage you to take a
class at The Revere Academy if at all possible. The instruction and
the environment both are equally as important and experiencing things
in a truly professional setting will be of the utmost benefit overall.
You might consider contacting any goldsmiths or jewelers in your area,
if there are any, just to inquire if there is any possibility of
tutoring or an apprenticeship situation, that would be one other
idea… As with numerous others writing in to Orchid, who are just
starting out in one respect or another and wondering about tools and
so forth, I would have to say one of the very best investments you can
make is to purchase Alan Revere’s book Professional Goldsmithing, as
even without much else in the way of instruction it is possible to
become very familiar with the tools and techniques by simply following
the projects in the book. Just as with any other discipline, learning
in this field is a matter of trial and error, practice and analysis
and repetition, until one’s skills and proficiency increase
accordingly. This book will probably be the most useful and practical
tool you ever invest in, and at the very least you can be assured that
you will learn the correct manner of doing things, as well as the
reasons why things are done in a certain way. One potential difficulty
in studying with someone of unknown background and approach is the
possibility of learning incorrect procedure and bad habits which can
be difficult to correct in the future. May you experience happiness,
prosperity and fulfillment in
your chosen vocation. MDS