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Training suggestions


I�m a hobbyist/enthusiast and I have been slowly learning about
metalsmithing. I live in an area (Ashland/Medford, OR) where there
are no jewelry schools per se. What I was wondering is if anyone has
any suggestions on how to go about finding a local teacher or
apprentice situation. I am hoping to take a course or two this
summer at the Revere Academy and the Mendocino Arts Center, but in
the interim I would love to learn with a professional. Any and all
suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I know you are all busy.


Check with your local arts organization - or state arts organization
if there’s not a local branch - and ask who’s doing the sort of work
that interests you in your vicinity. Check with the arts dept at your
local university - they may have a metalsmith on staff. If not they
can probably point you toward one. Check your yellow pages for a
manufacturing jeweler nearby and ask them about apprenticeships - but
be well aware that that’s an entirely different world - you’re
turning out production work at speed to satisfy a commercial market
and while you can learn a lot in a hurry, you’re also expected to
bust your butt turning the work out and you’ll do a lot of extremely
repetitive (i.e. bor–ing ) grunt-work while you’re learning. If
you’re anywhere near a Native American reservation you can sometimes
find a craftsman willing to teach his craft - if you’re extremely
lucky. In other words, use your imagination, ask lots of questions
(remember, there are NO stupid questions) and be persistant. LOL