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Tradition/myth/supersition? (YAK)

Hi Dave, I have never heard of this superstition but am not a very
superstitous or traditional girl. I made my wedding sets for my
first and second marriage. The second is great and healthy and we
just celebrated our third anniversary last week. My first marriage
was a real party but not fullfilling. I don’t think it had anything
to do with the rings or the fact that his name was Dave! :slight_smile: There is
alot of folklore and tradition that surrounds wedding rings (and
rings in general) that of course spans centuries. I was just
reading in the Martha Stewart wedding issue about rings. The
writer spoke of a ceremony where the man received a steel ring as a
sign of his strength and the women received a gold ring as a sign
of her fragility. Another ceremony had the man receiving a gold
ring and the woman receiving a silver ring because she was
considered of less worth than the man. My first set was in gold and
my current set is silver. I have found that making my own ring
really makes it more of a treasure and more personal. I do believe
in Karma though, but that’s a little different.-Carrie Nunes
@tnunes Tennessee USA