Tradition/myth/supersition? (horrible YAK)

Now I see there are at least three couples who have made this
terrible mistake of staying married even though their self-made
wedding rings indicated that they should be divorced. I have given
this a lot of thought.

Once the head Rabbis were all having breakfast, and the holiest of
them had just buttered his bread when it somehow fell off the table
and landed butter side down! How could this be? he said. Indeed,
how could this be said another? Yes, yes, how could this be, they
all agreed? It was incomprehensible!! They appointed a commision
that studied the matter and found the answer: The bread had been
buttered on the wrong side!!

I thought about the wedding ring problem in this light — I
figured it out — because they made their own wedding rings, these
people are not really married, they are living in sin!!! No wonder
they are having such a good time.

I have also dedcided that this is Clinton’s problem, he made his
own wedding ring, he’s not really married.

OH, dear, off-topic again,
Roy (Jess)

Well, you can make it a fourth. Since my family boycotted my
marriage, we paid for it ourselves and bought cheap gold bands from
a department store (I wasn’t into metals yet). After moving from
California to Boston, and during a river rafting trip, my husband’s
wedding ring and glasses found themselves as entertainment for the
fishies after a spill. I vowed to make us some new ones (I was
taking an adult ed jewelry class) and carved waxes for a gold
casting. I used the Hobbit Runes and translated our names using
the rune writing. After getting the castings back and cleaning
them up, I was quite the proud puss. We returned to our honeymoon
spot and during breakfast, I placed the rings in his coffee cup
(empty). When he put his new wedding ring on, it was quite a

I wonder if this doesn’t count because the first ones were store

We have been happily married for 18 years.

And yes, I’m a hopeless romantic…and so is he.

-karen christians