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Tradeshop Boot Camp workshop

Hey folks I still have a few openings for my upcoming workshop at Multnomah Arts Center in Portland Or. “Trade Shop Boot Camp”. May 27nd and 28th and continuing the next weekend. Learn from an expert with 47 years experience how to fabricate, set, size and re-tip in two weekends. I know it can sound a little intimidating but we always have big fun. I’m what cha call an “expert” because I have personally made pretty much every mistake there is to make and had to fix them. Basically I have all y’all make a perfect solitaire and then I make you mess it up and then make it look like it never happened. Details below. MAC Spring 2017
Trade Shop Boot Camp
An introduction to basic professional trade shop techniques.
Learn how professional trade shop jewelers make and repair jewelry.
In this class students will be provided with the materials to make a silver solitaire
and set a round faceted 7.5 mm synthetic stone.
Students will first be taught how to pour and roll out an ingot to make a hand
forged euro style shank. Then solder a crown and set a center faceted stone in a four
prong crown.
Then in subsequent classes students will size the ring down. Size the ring up. Then
file off the prongs and learn to re-tip the center crown. Students will learn
professional techniques to complete these tasks so that the ring looks like it has
never been worked on.
Students will be provided with Continuum Sterling Silver to make the ring, a crown
for a round 7.5 mm stone. A round 7.5 mm synthetic faceted stone. Hard, and
medium silver solder. 2 inches of 18 gauge wire for tipping the center stone. 1 dz
3/0 sawblades. 1 dz 8/0 sawblades, A 7mm setting burr. One #6 cut triangle shaped
needle file.
Classes will be taught over 2 weekends from 9AM til 5PM
Class size limited to 10 people.
Aprox. Kit cost based on silver spot price $16.25 per oz. as of Jan. 3 2017 $101.56

Sounds like a wonderful class!

Please excuse any typos-- curse my clumsy digits…

Oop! I forgot to update the materials studio fee. $130.00 plus the cost of the class I’d $450.00