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Trademark steel stamps

any recommendations of a good company in USA/Canada that makes steel
stamps for one’s logo/trademark?

I would like to have a steel stamp made with my logo for marking my

Does anyone have any recommendations of a good company and any other
advice on what is important in hiring someone to make this for me. Is
there a usual/typical size that works best for the steel stamp and
will a brass hammer be best to use for this stamp? Thank you.
Heather, on beautiful Vancouver Island.

Rio Grande’s Impressions department can order those for you. You can
also call over and request to speak with someone in the impressions
dept. You will need to send in artwork. Keep in mind that when your
design is shrunk down and is stamped into metal, you need to be able
to read it. We often see designs that are too complicated to stamp
well in metal.

Here is a link for custom marking stamps.

Best regards,

Phillip Scott
Graduate Gemologist
Technical Support Specialist
Rio Grande, A Berkshire Hathaway Company

Heather we used Alpha Tool and Die in New York City but it has been
several years so I’m not sure if they are still in business, I hope
they are, they were very good. I always have used a Steel hammer to
hit the stamp with. I would suggest having your stamp made as a
curved ring stamp as opposed to a straight stamp, you can stamp
everything with the curved stamp but the straightstamp can not stamp
the inside of a ring. Good luck, Tim

Harpur Manufacturing and . I
have used both. Rob

My wife loves her Carol Ackerman wedding band set! I think it was
the four leaf collection and is in platinum. Still gorgeous after 14
years. Thank you Carol Ackerman and Company!

Sean Ward - Sacramento, CA

Here’s a handout that I made in 2014 for a lecture that I did on
Maker’s Marks. I came up with a simple logo and then bid it out and
then had it made…

Andy Cooperman, Metalsmith

Thank you for the and sources about Maker’s Marks.

I was curious if the maker’s mark had to be next to the quality mark
or can it be put on the other side is the shank?


Cr Hill and Au Enterprises in Berkley, MI provides this service as

Cr Hill:

AU Enterprises:

I have had work made with both groups and have been very happy.

Also, Nice packet Andy!

I was curious if the maker's mark had to be next to the quality
mark or can it be put on the other side is the shank? 

The laws vary from country to country. Here is the germane text from
the U. S. Gold and Silver Stamping Act of 1906:

Each identifying trademark or name applied to any article of
merchandise in compliance with clause (A) of this subsection shall
be applied to that article by the same means as that used in applying
the quality mark or stamp appearing thereon, in type or lettering at
least as large as that used in such quality mark or stamp, and//in
a position as close as possible to that quality mark or stamp.

Elliot Nesterman