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Trade Show/Display Lighting - Advertisement

Hello Fellow List Members:

I have been in the gem and jewelry industry for over 20 years
doingbtrade shows and the biggest problem that we have all come
across is proper display lighting. Well after 10 long months of
working with several lighting engineers I have come up with the
solution and it is called SoLux Daylight Lighting.

SoLux is the patented , revolutionary new display lighting to
solve your lighting requirements at the trade shows, in your
office, store or your home. This low voltage <12 volts>, MR-16
lamp produces 4700K color temperature with no UV or

These lamps need a 12 volts to produce to proper color
temperature and foot candles. We have found that no one makes a
low voltage track fixture that produces 12 volts under load until
now. We now produce our own “True 12 Volt” Track Fixture.

We also have a very professional adjustable Track Support System
so you can use this track lighting at the shows.

SoLux Lamps come in four beam spreads: 10, 17, 24 and 36
degrees. Pricing is $14.95 each.

For more go to SoLux lamps
and True 12 Volt fixtures are in stock and ready to ship so you
may have these for the Tucson shows, order early.

Thank you,
Lance Kanaby

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