Trade Show Booths

Greetings! I am currently getting ready to face my first Christmas
season as a silversmith. I feel prepared inventory-wise, but need
help with finding a source for attractive trade show booth supplies.
I have been invited to participate in a private show and plan to
apply to others so I would like to invest in something that can be
used for many years. I have searched the web and found some sites,
but nothing specific to jewelry unless I am opening a retail store.

Can anyone help me? The display need to be portable, attractive,
secure and expandable.

Tammy - from steamy Missouri where we’ll hit 100 today

Hi Tammy I think this topic has been discussed before but anyway
check out Paul created these displays
for his wife Leslie and many people have them. They are not cheap
but offer everything you stated you wanted. All the best. Barb

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