Trade schools?

Hey everyone,

I’m new here and looking for on trade schools that are
on in the Midwest or western side of the US. Frankly my internet
sleuthing has beena little more fruitless than I’d like it to be;
especially in regards to the quality of the schools and reviews from
students and the like. GIA is at the top of my list, but it does seem
kind of out of reach, and I’m not too sure what other options there
are that offer the same kind of education. From outside the industry
I’m finding it difficult to know what places would be worth the
monetary investment, not to mention time. If anyone has any advice
or firsthand accounts as a student, or from an employer’s
perspective, I’d be happy to hear it. These first steps to getting
my career sorted out are a little daunting. Thanks guys!

Gem City College in Quincy IL, teaches watchmaking, hand engraving,
diamond setting, jewelry repair, and design.

I went there in the early 70s, but I see that they are still open.
It’s not an art school, but more a technical and business school.

Google, Gem City School of Horology.

Good Luck

I’ve been impressed with the Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology
program at Paris Junior College in Texas. 60 credit hours - about two
years worth.

They have a number of good intensives, including Horology.

Or look at Revere Academy in San Francisco.Comparing cost of
housing, and class duration would be as important as tuition costs.
The program in Texas appears to have a goodly number of scholarships.

Judy Hoch, G.G.


In the midwest there is The New Approach School in Franklin,
Tennessee. I have studied and continue to study at the School of the
Fine Arts Museum in Boston. I suggested New Approach because I heard
New Approach recommended as a summer semester for an SMFA student
who was struggling with fabricating. Good luck and Happy New Year.


Revere Academy. good strong programs and accomplished, competent