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Trade Marks

I am confused about how to register a trade mark for my jewelry. (am
I using the correct terminology) You’ve given me some good ideas on
where to get the tool made. Do I design the mark myself? Or is it
something that is established by a Trade Association or with the
government? Any is appreciated.


Dianne… Here’s all the info you will need for Copyrights, Patents
and Trademarks. VERY helpful. :slight_smile: Red


Dianne, if you go to there is a hyperlink
on the opening page to the appropriate Govt office that will answer
all your questions re trademarking.

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio where simple elegance IS
fine jewelry!

diane…if you want a particular sign/.logo/.symbol , it is best to
do a “search” via an attorney . They will check to see if it is
’taken" already or ok for you to use. you should go thru an
attorney…they have special attorneys for this . but now that there
is the internet, I would put in a search for “trademark” and it will
give you all the particulars, I bet, for getting started! good luck…ann