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Trabzon weave


Does anyone know how to or any resources regarding Trabzon weaving?


Here are some photos, but they are difficult to see, buat there is a
short write-up that might help.


Trabzon is a very beautiful city of Turkey. There are two types of
Trabzon weaving. One is “Kazazlk”, other one is “Trabzon Hasr”. I
think you are looking for “Trabzon hasr”. You can search as “trabzon
hasr” and than you can see the same pages in english. When I searched
I found 2070 results. Trabzon Hasr means Trabzon wicker work. It is
made from 31-32 micron gold or silver wire. In Trabzon it is woven at
homes by hand. "Trabzon hasr"is used for making necklace, bracelet,
ear ring e.c.t

Best regards
Esin Eren


Long time ago I inquired about Trabzon wowen bracelets and I
received some and pictures from the chamber of jewellers
which I put in my website to share with interested people.

I wish all of you a very happy and healthy New Year.

Oya Borahan

I think we have to correct the first mail.If someone searches with
"Trabzon hasr" only can get 2 results. Actually in Turkish word there
is i (in Turkish i is without dot) between s and r that is why it is
better to write “hasiri”. In google search with “Trabzon hasiri” you
can get 2070 results too.

Thank you very much for everything.
Best regards
Esin Eren