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Toxic Metals

Cathy-as you peruse the various sites suggested to you, I recommend you
also visit the following:

Marly Harris
Simi Valley, California

G’day Cathy; I couldn’t agree more with the comments of many of the
replies to your pleas for help, Cathy; I really don’t believe in the
diagnosis that was given you, as I suggested in my earlier note. Do -
PLEASE DO go to a real doctor and see what heshe has to tell you.

In answer to Kevin Eva, Lutetium is one of the very rare metals chemists
put in a group called ‘The Rare Earths.’ It is very rare indeed, and is
found in association with such other rarities as Erbium, Ytterbium,
Yttrium, and others similarly rare and unusual. Discovered in 1907, the
chemist Georges Urbain named it after the ancient name for Paris; Lutecia.
It is a silvery colour, but is not particularly useful to Man (or Woman!)
at the present, though some uses may be found in the future (like some of
the weird rare metals only recently used to make extremely powerful
permanent magnets and superconductors) And what the hell lutetium would
be doing inside human hair I have no idea - how’d it get there? I better
not say any more about this “diagnosis and finding” or I could get sued!

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