Tourquise questions

Hi all

can someone please point the terms used for different grades and
colors of Tourquise?

I am also looking for a direct source for Tourquise in rough form and cut
cabs, large qty needed. Can anyone refer me to a wholesaler who
has reasonable prices.

Fineart Studio
Tokyo Japan

Dear Sorato, I have been cutting and selling turquoise since the
70’s. I cut both natural and stabilized stone. Stabilizing is
a process by which the turquoise is impregnated with a resin.
This is done for two reasons: #1 to make chalky, porous material
useable, and #2 to stop the stone from oxidizing. Good hard,
natural stone is quite rare compared to the amount of stone that
is cut. Another thing that is done is reconstituting the stone.
This means crushing it, purifying it, and sticking it back
together. During the 70’s and 80’s most turquoise was backed
with a filler material. This was done so that thin stones could
be cut in half and sold for twice their weight. Turquoise is
sold by weight. When you buy backed stones you pay very dearly
for low priced backing. I cut turquoise for sale both retail
and wholesale. I do not back my cabs and I have a limited
amount of natural material available. In stabilized material I
can supply quite an amount. My prices are not cheap, but
neither is the quality of the rock. You get what you pay for.
Visit my site
or email me at

Gerry Galarneau

INDIAN JEWELERS SUPPLY CO. - Stones Catalog lists and defines
many terms as to treatment of turquoise and other stones. Our
definitions are honest, direct, and to the point. As to turquoise
in stock, we have rough and cabs, and have been in the business
since 1943. The catalog is US$2.85 by surface shipment or $4.85
by air.

A FULL SET OF ALL CATALOGS (Stones-findings-tools-metals) is
$20.05 by air, or $8.05 by surface. Air takes about one week to
deliver, and surface takes six weeks. Our fax number is
1-505-722-4172, or you may mail a letter to us at P.O. Box 1774,
Gallup, NM 87301.