Tourmeline current prices

I’m in the process of trying to recreate a stack of bracelets I made
a couple years ago that had 9 tourmelines of varying shapes and
sizes, faceted, each about 2 carats. At the time, I’m pretty sure I
paid about $40 per stone. I don’t think they were perfect perfect
stones, but they weren’t obviously included all over the place
either. I’ve looked at a couple sources now and it seems like they
will run me at least $120 per stone now. Does anyone know if the
price of tourmelines has gone up by that much? Or is it more likely
that I’m looking at stones of higher quality than before? I think
this experience is going to send me to a gemology class before the
year is over!! Any advice would be very welcome and if anyone knows a
good source, that would be very much appreciated as well.


Hi Hilary,

In answer to your question about tourmaline prices:

Yes they have risen a lot in price, especially the mid to lower
range qualities. About 6 years ago large quantities were coming out
of Nigeria in green, pink and rubelite and dropped the price WAY
down on the rough.

Price on the rough to us cutters has gone up 10 or more times on
many of these kinds of tourmaline in the last 5-6 years. The full
difference has not yet been reflected in the wholesale prices
because we made a little more money when it was cheap and now we
make a lot lower margin since it is expensive. Most of us try to
hold the line somewhat and keep the price as low as possible since
culturally Americans are not used to the wild price swings that are
common in some other places in the world.

If you want to learn more gemology class is useful but nothing will
replace a lot of real world experience. Look closely at what you are
buying and ask questions, many colored stone dealers are passionate
about what they do and love to talk about it. You can learn a lot
this way.

Hope this helps,
John Dyer

Hy John !

What a nice surprise to meet you on Ganoksin. My best regards to
your dad.

Yes in fact the prices ( even down here in Brasil) got crazy
especially on pink tourmaline. The production was reduced almost to
zero. The stones are down below the earth, but there is no one to
extract it. Brazilian government is imposing huge restrictions to
mining sector, and besides it the garimperos prefer to stay home and
receive government money from the many programs created to “help” the
poor, instead of work. For me this is just a manner to buy votes. If
you want to help someone teach him how to fish, or even give him the
tools, but never give the fish.

Anyway, that’s our sad reality! And who knew Teofilo Otoni 10 years
ago (as you now) would be surprise with it now. We are survivors!!

from warm Brasil,

What a nice surprise to meet you on Ganoksin. My best regards to
your dad. 

Thanks Vlad, good to run into you here too, usually we only see you
in Tucson nowadays.

(I also replied offline)

Vlad is right though, tourmaline production and almost all kinds of
gem production from Brazil is WAY down. This is due to new
Governmental restrictions for the most part.

The results are increases in prices and lots of African materials
being sold by Brazilians since they do not have as much local
material available to them to sell. Probably 95% or more of the
Morganite coming from Brazil is from Mozambique. Not that this is a
big deal but it is interesting to know.

John Dyer

Yes, Mining of gemstones is also reduced in sri lanka (ceylon) too.

Here its the Economic crisis, Its not worth while run a mine as the
demand for Sapphires is less, many people have closed down and the
supply and prices are stable relatively.

Prices in US $$ terms are up because the govenment has pegged the $$
to the rupee and we have 10% inflation.

Ahmed shareek