Tourmaline identification

I have a stone that I bought probably 10 years ago. It is labeled
"tourmaline from Maine" and priced at $19. The stone is 5.5 mm in
diameter, faceted, light green with a hint of blue, and has lots of
sparkle. I live in New Hampshire, so it is very possible that I got
it wholesale in Maine many years ago.

What are your thoughts on whether this is really tourmaline?

Marcia Rae Design

There is some really great tourmaline from Maine. However, without
testing the stone, I would not hazard a guess as to what it is. If
there is a gem and mineral society near you, they may have someone
with the gemology equipment to make an identification. If not, send
it my way, I have the lab and can do the id.


Hi Marcie,

Gemologically speaking there’s nt enough But, I’ll bet a
dollar you’ve got a tourmalin from the Newry mine because of the
characteristic color…kinda like Scope mouthwash. Very collectible!

Wayne Emery


The color you describe is my favorite of the tourmalines I have from
Maine. Good chance it is what it says it is. I haven’t been rock
hounding up there in some years. But love to get more of that blue
/aqua/green yum


Tourmaline identification 

It very well could be Maine tourmaline. It could also be glass, a
synthetic or another mineral entirely. I’ve bought many stones that
were labeled incorrectly.

Take it to someone who can check its refractive index. If it’s
tourmaline that should distinguish it. The color is right for some
Maine tourmaline but no test I know of will establish origin. Other
gemological tests will be indicated if the RI isn’t correct for

Rick Martin

Marcie let me say my jaw just dropped ; when I read your thread by
accident. I had a gallery a year ago from Maine, that was very
adamant about getting her ordered work made with Maine and Vermont
stones, she had friends of hers who were the prospectors and cutters,
she would send me some stone pieces and i would use them in my work
for her orders, they were some of the nicest tourmalines i had seen,
I come from a goldsmiths family that also used to wholesale gems in
Lebanon via Germany and Italy, growing up have seen a lot of stones
tourmaline to be specific. anyway the Maine tourmalines have that
crispy look to them, the greens and blues snap at you, but the
problem was most of it was 3-4 mm at about 75 to 100 /ct and the 5 or
larger would start getting rare and in the 200 -300/ct,. the Vermont
stones i was looking at were Amethysts, lighter in color but still
had a snap to them that popped at you begging to be used. they did
come in much larger sizes 9-10mm but 3-4 times the prices of their
cousins from the southern continents. if what you have is real
authentic Maine tourmaline you have something there that is pretty
unique and of value, the people (Mainers) there are a lot more in
tune and savvy on the material also are collecting it where as if you
were to bring the same stone else where and tried to sell it at it’s
current value which should go for 4 or 5 times more then it’s
Brazilian or African counter part, people will look at you like you
have 2 heads… I remember the gallery owner saying something like
the roads are even paved with tourmaline gravel there is so much of
it around the area/ground it gets used in the cement or asphalt, but
nothing of substantial size anymore. i did not think I would hear or
catch anyone who has seen or has the Maine material the sparkle you
speak of that i got to be so fond of but can not afford. i do miss
it. okay I will close me Jaw now

Hratch Babikian
Hratch Babikian Atelier

The only way to be assured that it’s a tourmaline is to have someone
test it for a refractive index and other indicators. You might have a
gemologist at your local jewelers. Make sure they are GIA or IGA
certified. As a last resort, I’m GIA certified for colored gemstones
and would be happy to test the stone for you. I’m in Chicago,
however and I think it would be cheaper to stick closer to home.

Jackie Truty
Art Clay World, USA, Inc.

I think Bill Fretz uses a bit of ME tourmaline in his work (or
Jordan does). He is in Bucksport Maine.

i lived in Maine (mount dessert island) since 83. yes the real Maine
tourmaline is expensive.too expensive i think most all tourist shops
sell “Tourmaline Maine State Jewelry” that is from any place but

if anyone has had a reasonable experience dealing with Maine gem
dealers selling the real stuff i would like to hear about it.