[Toucson 2004] Hotels for Tuscon

I haven’t been to the February Tuscon show(s) in several years, but
I’m planning to go this year and thus need to try and get a hotel
room reservation ASAP. Anyone have any good ideas / suggestions
besides the obvious–call around, try the various internet
reservation sites, etc.?

Does anyone have any hotel/motel/B&B “finds” that they’d be willing
to share publicly or privately by emailing me off-list?

Does anyone have any experience with staying somewhere slightly
outside of the Tuscon area where perhaps the prices aren’t jacked up
quite so much?

Also, I’ve heard about the pre-Tuscon show in Quartcite (sp?)
Arizona in late January; R they worthwhile? What’s it like, what
(primarily) is being sold there, and where does one stay if you’re
not RVing it?

Finally, I’d be interested to hear informed opinions about whether
you think it’s better to buy at Tuscon during the first few days
(best cherry picking?) or the last few days (better prices, more room
to negotiate?).

As always, thanks!!


PS - Isn’t there a fairly big congregation of shows in either
Tuscon, Denver, or Vegas in September? Any comments would be

PSS - I’m interested primarily in handcrafted silver and
semiprecious, not fine jewelry.

Doug, I have no special numbers for hotels in Tucson, I am sure some
of the locals will chime in. There are many chains there now in
addition to Motel 6, Super 8, Ramada, etc. The road leading into
Tucson from the west has many from 10 or miles away in toward

Quartzsite is more the place for rough, rather than finished
jewelry. There are a few locations that will have some jewelry, no
where near as many as Tucson. Motel space is limited, many stay in
Blythe, Ca. about 20 minutes away. Rest is camping, tents if not

Tucson just finished, Denver is going on now.

There is also Laughlin, Nv. to add to the show list, about the same
time as Quartzsite. I plan to check that out this year. Hotels no
problem there due to Casinos.


 Isn't there a fairly big congregation of shows in either Tuscon,
Denver, or Vegas in September? Any comments would be appreciated! 

The Tucson September show just ended.

The Denver Shows are on at the moment.

Las Vegas is the end of May and beginning of June

Best regards,
Robert Lowe
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there is a nice B/B i would like to recommend , Its around US $ 125
per day but its worth every cent of it . Its at the heart of Tucson
on Scott Street Next to the GLDA show

have a look at there site and book it now

Toll free: 877-670-9022
Local: 520-670-9022
Fax: 520-629-9710
E-mail:  info@royalelizabeth.com

Take care
ahmed Shareek

P.S. _ YEP i will be in Tucson in 2004 hope to meet all you nice
people from orchid land.