Toronto Wax workers

Hello fellow Orchidians, I am looking for fellow wax workers in
Toronto, Ontario. I am just beginning, I have destroyed several
pieces of otherwise qutie useful wax in my attempts to make rings,
and even had a couple come out alright. I am looking for other wax
workers that might be interested in getting together to talk shop,
and perhaps showing a beginner a couple of tricks, or critiquing my
work. So, anyone out there?


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Dear Katou,

there are a couple of really good step by step photo wax carving
book available. you cant do the 12th project in the book until you
do the 1 to 11 ones. it is a good book for a beginner. i can help
via the internet with photos of my wax carving if you would like.
here is the last thing i was helping someone with.

The first thing I do is have a working drawing of the design. Then
I take this cool grid paper that I found and trace the outline of
the stone, with a scribe . Then I retrace it with a sharpee then I
cut it out with an exacto knife Then I mark my center points on my
wax. Then I trace my template on my wax. Then I cut my hole and
finish the piece. This may seem like an extra step but it has worked
out good for me.I mixed this idea with something I saw on BWSimons
web site that shows a layout card. It talked about laying out for
the prongs. Check it out and maybe you can inprove it also.

Matthew Gross

“Richard Dubiel, at 905-566-0950”…the best I’ve seen. He amazed me
in his quality. I have known him for over 4 years…he is casual
lurker on Orchid…and he was one of my students two years ago. Give
him the business, email him at send him my

his wax work is perfection…Gerry!

At this point, I have only received one response, a referral to a
fellow who might or might not be interested in chatting… Sure no
one else is out there from the 416? Going twice…