Toronto setting class

hi all !!! I have some three “out of the city” students who traipse
in over 100 miles to see me…so with this in mind, I make every
special effort to think of something of value for them to take home
and think. My last class had only 10 out of the required 20+ folks.
Its not what I prepared, it was the little pieces of I
have to think of at the last moment. Well I outdid myself as Judy
Pottens can attest to.

It was a little sojourn into Pear-Shape settings. It was just a
little idea on how to not break a very brittle, synthetic stone. My
idea was to select the correct method of full bezel pushing’s on
the setting. I numbered each of the pear-shape wall into a series
of numbers, each number represented a schedule of what to do first.
1 then 2, then 3, then 4 !

I questioned each of my students on what should take place first, if
not following this order, what would happen next…:>) you should
have seen the eyes open wide, “Holy s**t so thats what Gerry is
talking about, never thought of that” Each of my students went home
happy in their new found I use sterling silver
mountings along with a blackboard behind my work station, all along
repeating each maneuovre…many times over till it finds a place in
their mind !

I emphasize a need to closely examin each procedure in any aspect of
my setting. Nothing is overlooked from this setters perspective.
Some schools in this city have advanced students who have learned
this craft so they became “…setting teachers”, but how may
working-setters are real-to-life teachers?? not ruddy many I bet! !

This technique in pear-shaped setting nuance will be demonstrated in
my CD, trust me on this…:>) its so darned easy to figure out, I just
wanna make your lives easier in working with these fun stones.
…gerry, the “rockin” cyber-setter !