Torch Y adapter connector

I have always used the Smith Little Torch but want to get a Meco
Midget Torch for larger work. Can I use the regulators (propane/O2)
that came with the little torch for the Meco? I want to get a Y
adapter so I can have both torches hooked up. The thing is the two
torches use different hose sizes so I’m wondering if this is
possible. Also would it be safe to use clear aquarium hoses on the
Meco instead of the stiff hoses that come with it? If so, what type
of part is used to connect the aquarium hose to the torch. And
finally how many flashback arrestors would I need - two or four?

Thank You,
Laurie B


I have moved to a laser. I am not sure the guages you are talking
about. But with standard guages, at one time I had two meco torches,
one larger jeweler torch and torch for casting. I first installed
the flashback arrestors to the guages then attatched multiple Ys to
that. Also my bottles were not close enough for the length on the
meco hoses. So I had standard large welding hose with an adapter
attatched to the meco hoses.

I would not use aquarium hose. I know the inside of the hose is
plastic but I like to think the mesh wrap on the outside is flame
retardant and the plastic is higher pressure hose than aquarium
hose. (I have had lots of burning hot sizing pieces pop out onto the
floor over the years.) When casting I would turn off all the other
torches. Until the pressure equalized in the hoses the small flame of
the meco could go out. I didn’t want to have gas coming out of the
unlit torch. Hope this helps.


There are many formulations of clear plastic hose some are ok with
fuel gases and some are not so good. If you don’t know what you are
buying you could have a problem. Also none of these hose will have
any kind of safety organization rating so if you have a problem you
could have insurance issues.

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts