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Torch systems in NYC


I have a garage studio in Brooklyn with a Smith Little Torch

I am concerned that storing the 5lb tank inside the garage is
against the law- I have gotten conflicting advice about it. I am
wondering if anyone can help with the best torch option for NYC, and
also if you know the codes for storing the tanks indoors. I was told
by variously that the 5 lb tank was fine, or that all propane is
illegal indoors, or that acetylene or butane are the only legal
choices for torches here in NYC.

My options right now are to:

  1. get another torch system using acetylene or something else-

  2. store the propane tank every night outside in my backyard

  3. or perhaps someone can let me know if a 5lb tank is legal (I know
    the disposable 1 lb ones are ok but I don’t have the correct
    regulator for those and they don’t last long.)

advice appreciated!


Dear Catherine & all small torch users,

Here is what you need for a good code compliant Propane set up.

See image:

I believe it is code compliant being under one pound of Propane. All
disposable tanks are allowed indoors. Plumbers use them all the
time. I suppose I should say most instead of all, don’t know all city
regulations everywhere.

The screw in part on top of the tank is available at most hardware
stores where the barbecue grill parts are sold. You can unscrew a
plumbers Propane torch and use this part if necessary.

This screws right onto the disposable Propane tank.

This then screws into a barbecue regulator. I like the kind with the
red on off valve. I like to turn the unit on and off when not being

On top of that is a flashback arrestor available from Rio Grande.
Then your torch hose. These have the brass fittings with reversing
threads like all Propane and Acetylene hoses have.

The thread size for this all to screw together is standard 1/4", but
check when you order the parts.

No one sell this as a complete unit, you have to put it together

I’ve use this set up for years and it works fine and last quite a
few months before you need to replace the tank. I even had a large
casting torch with this setup for a few years.

Copy this parts in the picture and you are safe and well set up.

Good luck & best regards,
Todd Hawkinson

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I don’t live in the city, but still had the same concern. I run my
meco on 1 lb. disposable tanks and an O2 concentrater. I had to buy
the regulator, but it was only $65. I also refill the 1 lb. tank from
a 5 lb. tank that I keep in the garage. I use my torch daily and only
change tanks about once a month. I think that NYC requires NG
concentrators, at least in commercial buildings. Others will know
more about this question. Good luck. Rob

Contact nyfd, fire codes would govern this.


I am concerned that storing the 5lb tank inside the garage is
against the law- I have gotten conflicting advice about it. 

You don’t need advice - you need facts. Call the local code
enforcement office and ask them.

Al Balmer