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Torch System

Don…Did I ever tell you about the time I dropped a 30 pound anvil on an acetylene regulator while it was attached to a B tank? That did stretch the limits of having fun just a bit…Rob

Ted Again,
here in the UK, all my acetrylene torches ,hoses and regulators will perfectly run propane and oxy… Have you thried that? If not you should. Ive both fuel gases here, and use the “A” only for welding steel. Propane and oxy will do everything else.
Just a note, my oxy tank is a 200ltr at 300 bar, and the propane is from a 47kg large tank. Standard industrial size , unless you need more then you get a bulk tank installed which will be from 1 ton up to 5 tons. Delivered by tanker truck.
L:et me know your results with your prestolite with propane. I use a “Pr” with this fuel plus oxy.

Don, are you saying the hot tip adapter was resting against the hose?

I never could figure out a safe way to release The Little Torch, compared to every other torch I’ve used.

How do other folks rest The Little Torch’s hot, weightless body, without using a magnet?

Go to my website and click first on the “more” tab then the “shop shots” tab. Scroll through the pictures and you will see how I hang all three of my torches from simple heavy wire hooks screwed to the front of my bench. Works great! The wire came from some fancy coat hangers as I recall, but any stiff heavy wire will work…Rob

Magnetic rest

Your photos do not show how The Little Torch stays on the wire, I suspect there’s a magnet involved.

I refuse to allow a magnet to live in the same neighborhood as my steel tools.

No magnets, just a little half loop at the top that the torch tip fits into. If there were magnets, I would have said that there were magnets.

No magnets.


I have an old test tube clamp that has a vise mechanism that will attach
to the upright for my flex shaft hanger.

It’s an much older, very battered version of one of these:

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I use a large cup hook screwed into my bench oriented horizontally. I just (gently)
drop the torch into the hook. I can leave it ignited if I have to but generally turn it off before hanging it up.


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Denny, please correct me if I’m wrong, but your description sounds like the following:

  • the torch tip opening is pointed in the opposite direction than where the the handle controls protrude (like in Rob’s photo, the torch tip opening is oriented opposite it’s controls). The torch is too close to the bench for the torch controls to be located on the bench side, and if the torch is ignited, then the torch tip must be pointed toward the bench.

  • the cup hook is big enough to surround the torch body, with an opening large enough for the hoses to pass through.

  • the torch controls act as the ledge that holds the torch body securely in the the horizontal cup hook.

  • the torch controls act like stops against the bench, preventing the torch from completely turning around inside the cup hook.

Denny, it’s a brilliant solution. Thank You.

Thaalibi, your clamp must be spring loaded, otherwise, wouldn’t you need to adjust the clamp in order to remove the torch?

Rob, thank you for the photo. My loop must not have been tight enough because the nut on the tip kept slipping though the loop. I had thought my problem was the narrow ledge of the nut, but now I can make it work with a paper clip, so maybe my problem is the gauge of my stiff wire.

No, I adjust the clamp to a loose fit of the size of the tube of the torch handle, and the torch rests on the collar that the valve controls are on. If I need the torch to stay locked in an orientation, it’s only a couple of turns to squeeze the clamp down.

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Hi Betty2,
I haven’t seen Rob’s setup, but you have described mine exactly as it is. I might add,

The hook opening is not wide enough for the torch to pass through so it can’t fall out,

but is wide enough to easily pass the hoses through. You can also bend the hook

if it’s too big (or small).

I’m glad I could help.


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Hi Betty

Yup, because I would hang it like I had done for 30 years with a Prestolite torch. I wasn’t aware what was happening. Largely because I foolishly thought no one would ever let a torch hose on the market that a hot tip could melt through. I’ll post a photo of my solution once my phone is recharged.

---- Betty2 wrote:

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Here you are Betty.

A pretty basic hanger. Its an old bench hook. I opened the hole in the center a very little bit and widened the notch. I don’t have any trouble getting it in and out of the mount and I have used it as a stationary torch mount as well. I don’t routinely hang it with the flame up but I imagine I could with a little rearranging of bench space. The whole thing works well and it was simple. Could not ask for more.

Don Meixner

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Should I use a flashback arrestor on a disposable Mapp gas tank?
If I am only using the Non-Gauge regulator?

@melodyarmstrong, you must be aware that flashback arrestors should be used but you may encounter some problems …reread the conversation between Ed and Alec as an example. Your local welding supply store can help even if they’ve never seen a setup like yours, if you talk to the most knowledgeable person in the store.

Hi Ed
Should I use a flashback arrestor on a disposable Mapp gas tank?
If I am only using the Non-Gauge regulator?