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Torch striker

With the discussion of strikers vs. lighters etc. I just have to jump
in. I bought an electric stricker called a Torch-Mate about 5or 6
Years ago. It is a little black box that is weighted so as not to
move araound on the bench. Has two AA size batteries in the bottom
that provide the electricity for the spark. Has a lever you depress
with the torch tip to cause the spark. It gives off a lot of spark and
the batteries last for a Long time. I just replaced the batteries last
week and do not remember when I replaced them previously. Ibought it
through one of the major jewelry supply houses. Cost about $20.00. No
explosions, no flint to wear out, works on all size torches from the
mini torch to a Presto-lite. I wouldn’t be without it. Always in the
same place next to my soldering pad and I don’t have to use both
hands to light the torch or forget and put it in my pocket and take it
home (I use to do that with lighters all the time, not to mention
someone using them to light a cigarette and pocketing them)
My two cents. Frank Goss

I have one of those inexpensive bench mate torch lighters same as
the one Frank Goss uses. Have had it for several years—use it
regularly, and still with the same original batteries. This tool
is a workhorse—never wears out. Safe and easy to use. I got it
when a severe case of tendonitis made it excruciating to use the old
striker. I highly recommend it.–Alma

I have a “torch striker” that I bought while living in Spain 29 years
ago. I has some kind of flint in it, I’m not sure what it is. When you
pull the trigger is sparks, perfect for lighting a torch. It has no
batteries, no replaceable parts, and it always works, even after 29
years of nearly daily use. As I remember it only cost a few dollars.
Joel Schwalb @Joel_Schwalb