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Torch selection for small parts soldering

If you needed to do nothing but seal jump rings and attach bails in
fine and sterling silver - pretty small ones - would you choose a
Smith Silversmith or a water torch? The solder needs to stand up to
the temperature in the enameling kiln (1300-1400 F) so the joints
don’t fall apart. It would also be VERY nice if the flame was so
controlled that I could join the jump rings and chain AFTER

Thanks - Justine

Hello Justine,

May I suggest that you fuse your jump rings and bails. No concerns
about the solder standing up to the enameling temperature. Fine
silver fuses very nicely, as does Argentium. Any of the standard
jeweler’s torches will handle this chore, and jump rings can be
fused with those small butane torches, which are very reasonable in
cost. If the bails are small enough, the butane torch might do these
as well.

You’ll need a little practice, but I’ll bet you can master fusing.

Judy in Kansas